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The Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA


A Month by Month Guide to a Profitable Amazon Business

* Updated for 2020 *

What You Get:

  • A 240+ page book with profit-packed chapters for each month of the year
  • Live webinar trainings throughout 2020 (with access to replays)
  • Live Q&A with Stephen throughout the live webinars
  • Year in FBA digital note pad and calendar
  • Access to over 12 hours of archived regular monthly training videos from in 2015
  • Free updates (every year) of the book and rewards for life


The Reseller’s Guide to Sales Rank

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Understanding Amazon Best Sellers Rank For Maximum Profits


Amazon sales rank (likewise referred to as “finest sellers rank”) is quickly among the most complex and misconstrued elements of offering online. A lot of Amazon sellers presume if a product on Amazon has a particular “great” sales rank, it will immediately offer rapidly. This presumption breaks down when the seller understands most their stock is not costing all, and to make things even worse the rates of their stock products have actually tanked. , if just there was a method to much better comprehend Amazon sales rank in order to understand what the number truly suggests!!


What You Get:

The Reseller’s Guide to Sales Rank is a mix ebook and video coursethat will stroll you through how to finest comprehend and analyze sales rank numbers on Amazon. Both the video and the ebook course consist of the very same material, so you can select to take in the info by either reading or watching/listening, or you can do both. The book isover 30 pages filled with illustrations and mentorsthat will assist you comprehend not just how sales rank works, however likewise how to finest usage sales rank information to considerably enhance your stock sourcing buys. The video course consists of 9 video modules (with practically 2 hours of material)where you can see every element of sales rank described in information. Not just do you get the ebook and video course, however you likewise get life time remarkable remarkable rewards also.



My Sales Rank Comfort Zones–In the Sales Rank mini-course, I show you all of my present sales rank convenience zones for each primary Amazon sales rank classification. When I source for stock, I typically will not purchase a product where the typical sales rank is greater than my present convenience zone level. This file show you the sales rank zones where I am most comfy when it concerns making the very best sourcing choice on products I feel will offer rapidly enough for me.(***** )Sales Rank Comfort Zone Worksheet–(****** )In the Sales Rank convenience zone bonus offer above

, I show you my present sales rank convenience zones for each primary Amazon sales rank classification. While my own convenience levels work best for me and my organisation design, it’s essential that you find out to come up with your own sales rank convenience zones too. With this worksheet, I will offer you the opportunity to find out what YOUR sales rank convenience zones are for your own Amazon organisation.Amazon Category Sales Rank Chart– (****** )Having access to the most present sales rank chart is essential for understanding which sales rank numbers are thought about bad or great. Sales rank numbers are not all the very same. A(******************************************************************* ),(*************************************************************************************** )sales rank in Books is respectable, while a500,000sales rank in Toys is awful. This chart breaks down each significant Amazon item classification and reveals you not just the number of products are presently in each classification, however the breakdown of what numbers fall under the leading 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, and10%. This is an essential tool for making wise sourcing choices.

The Reseller’s Guide to Selling Shoes(******* ).


Kick up Your Profits with New Shoes through Amazon FBA

(********* )What You Get:

The Reseller’s Guide to Selling Shoes ebook

This ebook is over100pages loaded with all the info you require to understand to effectively
include shoes to your Amazon FBA organisation design. We’ll stroll you through what you require to understand to construct a strong structure that will assist you get to the objective of balancing numerous dollars of shoe sales each day. We’ll reveal you the pricey errors we made early on and how to prevent them. From discovering rewarding shoes to making the sale, we’ll teach you every action along the method.

The Reseller’s Guide to Selling Shoes video course(******* ).

You’ll overcome(******************************************************************************** )video modules covering over 4.5 hours of no-fluff material concentrated on sourcing and offering shoes on Amazon. From discovering numerous shoes to
offering them for high revenues, we’ll stroll you through whatever you require to understand. The material in the video course and the ebook is practically100%the very same. In this manner, you can have an option whether you wish to enjoy the material or check out … or both!

9 Video Bonuses:

(***** )Finding the ASIN for a Shoe Variation

Sometimes it can be difficult to discover the ASIN for a particular shoe variation. This video will reveal you how to discover it.
The video likewise consists of how to discover the kid variation ASIN on Amazon: how to search for the ASIN on the Amazon item page for in-stock shoes and in Seller Central for out-of-stock shoes.


Faster Way to Find ASINs for Out-of-Stock Shoe Variations in Inventory Lab(********************* ).

Usually you can discover an ASIN for a shoe on its Amazon sales page, however if a particular shoe is offered out, then Amazon reduces that page and it ends up being extremely tough to discover. This video will stroll you through how to utilize InventoryLab to find the ASIN for any out of stock shoe variation.

Using How Many? Variations to Compare Prices and Make Buying Decisions(********************* ).(*********** )How Many? is a remarkable Google Chrome extension that not just informs you the amount of any Amazon seller’s stock levels, however likewise assists automate the procedure of making a clever purchasing choice based upon vital info about each kid variation of a shoe.(************ ).

How to Add a Variation to a Shoe Listing Using” Add a Product” in Seller Central (********************* ).(*********** )Sometimes a particular shoe variation you wish to offer on Amazon is not noted as an alternative to offer. This video will reveal you how to include the brand-new kid variation to a currently existing moms and dad ASIN utilizing the” Add a Product” tools in Amazon Seller Central.

How to Add Products/Variations through Upload in Seller Central(****** )(********************* ).

If you are including more than one variation to the Amazon brochure at a time, you can utilize flat files (Excel spreadsheets )to publish your information in Seller Central.
 This video will stroll you detailed through the procedure of submitting a file to include products/variations in Seller Central.

How to Add a Variation to a Listing Using” Variation Wizard” in Seller Central(****** )

If you’re utilizing a flat file to include shoe variations to the Amazon brochure, Seller Central has a convenient “Variation Wizard” that improves the procedure of producing your flat file. In this video, you will see detailed how to utilize the Variation Wizard to produce your flat file. You can utilize this video in combination with the previous video about how to include variations through upload.(************ ).

Using Tactical Arbitrage Variations Tool to Make Buying Decisions(********************* ).

This video covers how to utilize the variations tool within the Tactical Arbitrage online software application to evaluate a prospective shoe buy. The tool automates the procedure of taking a look at information on each shoe variation of a moms and dad ASIN so
you can make a clever sourcing choice.

Using Keepa Variations Tab to Make Buying Decisions(********************* ).

One of lots of terrific functions of the Keepa online tool is its variations tab. Within a Keepa chart, you can click the tab to reveal information on all the kid variations of the moms and dad ASIN you are evaluating. This video demonstrates how to utilize the tab to bring up
 the variation information and make a smarter sourcing choice for shoes.

When Importing from Amazon with JoeLister


Optimize Your eBay Listings.

Imagine getting more individuals to see your shoes for sale. More consumers suggests more sales, and in this video we’ll reveal you an important idea for utilizing a third-party service called JoeLister. JoeLister is a service that effortlessly notes choose
products straight from your Amazon stock on to eBay, and if a shoe sale occurs on eBay JoeLister immediately has Amazon ship that set of shoes to your eBay client. When you’re importing your shoe stock from Amazon to eBay through JoeLister, in this video we’ll reveal you how to enhance your eBay listings. This bonus offer video will assist increase your shoe sales on eBay.

(**** )8 PDF Bonuses:

(***** )Checklist of Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting To Buy Shoes– When you’re simply starting with purchasing shoes to offer on Amazon, there are 9 vital concerns you require to ask yourself prior to you go out on your very first shoe sourcing journey. These concerns will assist you understand if you’re truly prepared (or not) to start into sourcing shoes to offer on Amazon.


Shoe Buying Parameters Worksheet– It’s essential to choose ahead of time what your specifications are for your shoe sourcing method. When coming up with your own individual shoe sourcing specifications for your Amazon organisation, this worksheet is a list of over (******************************************************************************** )concerns to think about. This worksheet will assist you make much better notified sourcing choices and will assist you not fall under the trap of an impulse purchase that may return to haunt you later on.

Tools For Sourcing Shoes– (****** )In this list you will discover our leading tools that we advise for sourcing shoes to offer through Amazon FBA. We just offer suggestions for tools that we utilize regularly. In many cases, comparable items might be offered which work simply great likewise, however this list just consists of the ones we personally have experience with and choose to utilize in our FBA organisation.

(*********** )How to “Normalize” a Shoe Listing–Sometimes you may discover a shoe listing in the
Amazon brochure where several components of the listing do not adhere to the Amazon seller standards. When you see something incorrect with an item page, it might extremely well remain in your benefit to invest a little time and open a ticket with Seller Central, specifically if your product has actually been sitting at the FBA storage facility for a while without selling. This step-by action PDF strolls you through the procedure of repairing those concerns.(************ ).

Inspection and Prepping Checklist–There are a wide variety of aspects to examine and inspect to ensure your shoes are prepared to be offered on Amazon. Then it’s time to prep the shoes to be sent out to the Amazon storage facility once they’re prepared. This list will ensure you do not miss out on a single action in making certain your shoes are prepared to be delivered to Amazon which your purchaser will be an extremely pleased client.(************ ).(*********** )(***** )Increase Your Amazon FBA Shoe Sales with Multi-Channel Fulfillment on eBay– Once you have actually developed your Amazon FBA shoes stock, a fantastic method to get more sales is to utilize multi-channel satisfaction( MCF) to offer your shoes on eBay. You can utilize a third-party service to automate your multi-channel satisfaction. This PDF will assist you improve the listing procedure on eBay and will assist you prevent numerous headaches in attempting to handle stabilizing your Amazon stock with your eBay sales.(************ ).

(***** )Sell Your Amazon Returns and Problem Shoes Using Poshmark– Every when in a while a shoe you offered on Amazon will get gone back to you no longer in brand name brand-new condition. There’s numerous choices for other platforms for offering these” utilized “shoes, however the very best platform we have actually discovered is Poshmark: the primary location to offer carefully utilized clothes and shoes. In this PDF, we’ll stroll you through how to optimize your chance to offer your returned or” issue” shoes on Poshmark.(************ ).(*********** )(***** )Checklist for Taking Attractive Poshmark Photos–The finest method to get great deals of sales on Poshmark is to produce quality listings that offer consumers an appealing picture and an in-depth description of your shoes. In this bonus offer PDF, we’ll reveal you the very best( and simplest) method to take appealing, premium images that will set your shoes apart from the competitors and increase your shoe sales on Poshmark. No expensive video camera needed!(************ ).(*********** )Inventory Lab

The Reseller’s Guide to Black Friday

(*********************** ).

The Fool-proof Strategy to Rock Black Friday Sales Every Year


What You Get:

In The Reseller’s Guide to Black Friday, you’ll have the ability to:(******* ).


  • (***** )Make p re-Black Friday money(****** )(*************** ).
  • Know where to want to discover all the very best offers
  • Make the very best choices on the special day(****** )
  • (************** )Understand why you require to make this day part of your organisation

  • Know how to make the very best usage of your energy, time, and cash
  • (************** )Create the best method that will work best for your circumstance(*************** ).

  • (***** )Find rewarding stock nobody else sees (***************

  • Build a strong group to assist you invest less time and make more revenues
  • (************** )(***** )Make post-Black Friday money

Access to the2019Black Friday master class replay

Get unique access to Stephen and the Queen of Black Friday herself, Kristin Ostrander.
In this unique online master class, you’ll have the chance to hear much more important info as Kristin and Stephen both stroll you through how they each get ready for Black Friday. We’ll reveal you our tested techniques for how to maximize Black Friday sales both previously, throughout, and after Black Friday.



Access to the2018Black Friday Master Class Webinar and Q&A Session Replay–Want much more Black Friday mentors? View in 2015’s Black Friday master class where the Queen of Black Friday, Kristin Ostrander, and Stephen Smotherman shared lots of important info about Black Friday. You’ll have the ability to see precisely how Kristin gets ready for Black Friday, utilizing examples from the (********************************************************** )Black Friday advertisements. You’ll likewise have the chance to enjoy the Q&A time after the master class where Kristin and Stephen respond to some thorough concerns from the audiences.
Black Friday Checklist–Print out this list to make100%sure that you have actually kept in mind whatever you require to maximize the Black Friday sales. From the pre-planning method to the special day, this list will guarantee that you do not miss out on any of the essential actions or materials to make this Black Friday your most rewarding Friday ever.Black Friday Buy List– Print this Buy List and fill it in to understand precisely what you are searching for at each shop you patronize on Black Friday. Do not depend on your memory to bear in mind whatever. You can print out as lots of Buy Lists as you require for each shop. At the shop, you’ll be equipped with all the understanding
you require to get in quickly, purchase the very best products, and get house prior to the sun decreases. Black Friday Master Class Slide Deck( NEW!)–Download the slides from the online master class webinar where we talk about precisely how to make money from Black Friday sales prior to, throughout, and after Black Friday. Reduce the notes you require to draw from the master class by reviewing these slides loaded with Black Friday techniques for both retail arbitrage and online arbitrage.

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